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HOA Information

HOA Board Members

President: Darla Grenier

Secretary: Jerel Byrd

Members at Large:

Roger Spillman

Tom Nilsson

Tatum Adams


Treasurer: Open *This position is not a HOA Board position

HOA Subcommittees

Architectural Committee
Chair: Tatum Adams

Bylaws and Covenant Committee
Chair: Tom Nilsson

Handyman Committee
Chair: Roger Spillman

Social Committee
Chair: Jerel Byrd


HOA Responsibilities
07/10/2022 2:41pm

Board Member Roles: The HOA Board is made up of Villages of Birchwood homeowners who volunteer their time to help maintain the neighborhood by keeping it safe, maintained, and inviting for those who with to move into the neighborhood. Board members are not compensated for their time.

President: The President oversees the board to ensure all projects are moving forward. This position also signs all contracts, leases, and purchase agreements. 

Secretary: The Secretary keeps meeting minutes, is the custodian of the corporate records, and performs other duties as required by the President.

At Large Member: At large members assist with day to day running of neighborhood. Tasks include, but are not limited to, Closing Letters, Bid requests for repairs, gate code maintenance, website maintenance, dues letters, answering email, communicating with city officials, and any other task that is needed on behalf of the neighborhood.  

Treasurer: The treasurer handles the financial aspect of the HOA. Receives and deposits dues, issues payments, balances all financial accounts. This position works closing with the HOA accountant to ensure financials are kept in order.

HOA Meetings: The HOA meets yearly, typically the third week of June. The Board meets every 6-8 weeks throughout the year. Minutes are recorded for each meeting and can be located in the documents section under Meeting Minutes.

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