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Extra Perks For Our Residents

Pool Rules (Tulsa County Health Department)

  • No Diving

  • No Lifeguard or Attendant on Duty

  • Emergency Phone Dial 911

  • Pool is for Residents and 2 Resident guests ONLY

  • Bathers must take shower and remove excess body lotion before entering the pool

  • Persons with communicable diseases, open wounds or bandages must not enter pool

  • Animals are not allowed inside pool enclosure

  • Swimming alone is prohibited

  • Children under the age of 14 MUST be accompanied by an adult of 18 years of age or older

  • No running or rough play in and around the pool

  • No GLASS or glassware allowed in pool area

  • No food or drink allowed in pool

  • “Cut-offs”, if worn, must be hemmed

  • Pool has a bather load of 100 persons

  • No skateboards or bicycles allowed on pool deck

  • Pool hours are 10AM-9PM Tuesday – Sunday

  • Pool season is from the Friday of Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day

  • Pool gate codes are NOT to be shared

  • Do not provide access to those without operable pool gate codes

  • Pool access is available to those Homeowners in good standing

Beach Ball in Pool

Our Homeowners' Association works hard to maintain the community and keep it looking clean. From our Professional Approach to other amenities available, all our members are guaranteed a high standard of living from the moment they move into the neighborhood. Join us to enjoy the good life and all the little perks we have to offer.  Catch and release fishing, gazebo, and approximately 1/3 mile walking path around.


Birchwood residents have access to miles of Creek Turnpike Trails!  The vast trail connects our city to surrounding communities.  Bike or run a short distance to Broken Arrow's Rose West Dog Park!

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